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First Southern Baptist Church of Dickinson County

Love - Know - Live - Grow
Make Disciples As We Go

At our core we strive to live out these
    fundamental Biblical values.

 - Love God, Love Others
      (Matt 22:36-38) (Eph 4:15-16)

                 (John 13:34-35)
 - Know God, Know Scripture 
      (James 1:22) (2 Tim 3:16)
      (Romans 12:2) (Heb 4:12)
 - Live lives that reflect Jesus

      (Matt 16:24-25) (Phil 2:3-7)
      (Matt 6:5-6)  (John 13:1-17)
                     (Gal 5:20)
 - Grow God's kingdom
      (Matt 13:31-32) (Matt 28:18-20)
                 (1 John 3:16-18)

We love God first, above everything else
    and through eyes focused on Christ
    we love others in God’s image.
We’re committed to knowing God better
     every day through Scripture and are
     accountable to Him in all things.
We live lives that are transparent in Christ;
     always seeking those opportunities
     to serve and to share the Gospel.
We are intentional in our efforts to grow
     God’s kingdom through His plan of

That’s who we are.
          It’s what we do.
                    It’s how we live.

        If you are relocating to the Abilene area, seeking a new place of worship, or you are just passing through, please come visit us Sunday morning or give me a call, Pastor Dave, at 785-565-2639.

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FSB Church Family.

It has been non-stop Corona Virus the past couple of weeks, hasn't it. We have been saturated by numbers, possibilities, changes and predictions. Who really knows what's next. God does. And for now I would like to leave it right there.

Mari and I watched a news show a couple of nights ago that was actually uplifting for a change. One of the reporters is teaching some sort of class that has literally (so he says) thousands of kids following him. He gave them an assignment recently to identify a hero in their community that's continuing to serve during this time and thank them somehow. But they had to be creative.

Well the kids had all kinds of ideas. Some wrote letters. Some made posters. Some kids called the local police departments and fire departments to thank them. Some kids drew a thank you in chalk on the sidewalk complete with pictures to the Fed Ex delivery man. Another little girl wrote a letter to the trashman and delivered it via a 6 foot pole to make sure they were socially distanced! They interviewed him and he was very touched by the fact she even thought of him. How beautiful. That's the stuff we need to see.

Mari's comment was, it needs to be like this all the time! She's right, it does. We talked last week about staying connected when this is all over. Be intentional about it. We need to appreciate each other. Look for the goodness in life. See God in all this. 

So we're going to put you all on assignment. God is good and He will be glorified. Look for the good. Find something good that happens this week - to you or to somebody else. Let Mari or I know and well put it on our Facebook page. Let's fill that page with God's good works.

In Christ
Pastor Dave & Mari

Billy Graham - "THE CROSS"


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